In the 7th edition of the SEC Newgate Ranking: TOP 30 WARSAW STOCK EXCHANGE CEOs VALUATION, the highest-valued president of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange was Michał Gajewski, President of Santander Bank Polska S.A. His value in this year’s edition was estimated at PLN 1.8 billion – almost PLN 0.5 billion more than Marek Piechocki of the Gdańsk-based LPP company, ranked 2nd in the ranking. Last year’s winner, Brunon Bartkiewicz, dropped to 3rd place with a score of PLN 810 million.

Due to the valuation of managers from the banking and financial institutions sector, this sector again proved to be the most key in the ranking. Its value increased by more than PLN 1 billion and amounted to as much as PLN 4.14 billion. Outside the podium, three more managers from the banking and financial investment sector made it into the TOP 10: Cezary Stypułkowski, CEO of mBank; Elżbieta Światopełk-Czetwertyńska, CEO of Bank Handlowy; and Joao Jorge of Millennium Bank. However, the largest group of managers in the list were the CEOs of companies related to new technologies – as many as ten representatives of this industry were included in the TOP 30 ranking.

Just behind the podium was mBank CEO Cezary Stypułkowski, followed by the 2020 winner, CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński. Interestingly, we know the date when both CEOs will leave office. The market has therefore already managed to assess their value. According to SEC Newgate CEE experts’ calculations, their valuation was around 4.5%. The company’s depreciation following the announcement of the announced changes at mBank was slightly less, at around 4%. However, the change in capitalization after the announcement of Adam Kicinski’s decision was unexpectedly large, amounting to as much as 15%. It is hard to recall such a significant reaction of investors to managerial changes announced at companies on the Warsaw trading floor.

In addition to the main ranking, SEC Newgate CEE also created several subrankings. One of them selected the TOP 30 managers without taking into account capitalization. Its winner was Marek Piechocki, CEO of LPP, for whom this is the first victory in the SEC Newgate Ranking – a year earlier he was ranked 13th. For the next consecutive edition, the LPP president was at the top of the sub-ranking for the assessment of managerial competence. LPP Group was also ranked 4th in the EBITDA growth sub-ranking with a 49 percent increase.

Andrzej Oślizło from Develia was ranked just behind Marek Piechocki. His rise to the TOP 30 is strongly linked to the company’s good results. The company recorded an almost 100% increase in EBITDA this year and an almost 80% increase in share price. The podium is rounded off by the 2017 winner of this category Piotr Krupa, co-founder and CEO of KRUK, and Elżbieta Światopełk-Czetwertyńska, making her debut in the ranking. The CEO of Bank Handlowy fulfilled the requirements to be included in the list for the first time. The excellent financial results of the institution she runs contributed significantly to her high place. She is the only woman in this year’s main ranking and one of two, alongside Beata Kozłowska-Chyła, to appear in the SEC Newgate ranking. The CEO of PZU, on the other hand, was valued at PLN 962 million, which gave her second place in the ranking of CEOs of Treasury Companies.

The presented report is not a recommendation. Nor is it an attempt to value the company as a whole.

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