SEC Newgate CEE team at the Economic Forum in Karpacz

As many as six consultants represented SEC Newgate CEE at the largest meeting platform in Central and Eastern Europe, where not only security, prospects for economic development, contemporary challenges and overcoming crises are discussed, but also concrete solutions and innovative ideas are presented.

The theme of the XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz was ‘New values of the Old Continent – Europe at the threshold of change’. During the 3 days of the event, more than 540 debates were held on topics concerning the future of the Polish economy, including politics, environment, culture or science.

Present at the event were:

– Sebastian Hejnowski, CEO SEC Newgate CEE;

– Maciej Powroznik, Managing Partner;

– Bartłomiej Kupiec, Managing Partner – Regulated Industries/Corporate & Public Affairs;

– Bartosz Zbroja, Senior Advisor;

– Jagoda Prętnicka-Markiewicz, Account Director;

– Szymon Dziewięcki, Project Manager.

During the event, we supported our clients and actively participated in panels and debates. For our experts in the areas of Public Affairs and Corporate Communication, the Economic Forum is an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss the country’s economic and business future.