Ranking of Influencers and Financial Portals in social media

PKN ORLEN is the most followed WIG 30 company on LinkedIn, but its reach on Twitter is almost twice as small as Orange Polska’s. The leader among business experts on the Twitter platform is Krzysztof Berenda, an economic journalist at RMF 24, while the most active financial influencer across the internet is Michał Szafrański. Money.pl is still visited by the largest number of internet users interested in finance – these are just some of the results of the second edition of the report we compiled.

As in the first edition, in addition to separate portals and blogs, we also focused on the LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube platforms. The analysis of activity in new media covered 30 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as the managers who currently manage them. The criterion for ranking these entities was the number of followers and subscribers. In the case of experts running financial blogs and portals operating in this area, the decisive factor was the monthly number of page views.


Ranking influencerów

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